Bethan, 21.

Love Never Fails

My main purpose in life is to proclaim the word of God and this is one way in which I intend to do so.

Ahh another amazing worship song, it came on at the end of church today- so much truth in these lyrics, yes God.

Look what arrived today! Bought these amazing Caterpillar boots for winter as I thought it was about time I got a decent pair and they are so furry on the insides and really good quality, they were £109 and I got them for £39.99 bargain. I also bought some rocket dog shoes for placement, they are really comfy which is good considering I’m going to be on my feet all day these were £29.99 but I got them for £24.99! I am one happy girl :)

Although I have tasted what this world offers, it never satisfies. But now I will be what your love makes me, I’m seeing with new eyes.

I’m running into your arms of grace

with no reason to hide away, It’s not the first time I’ve been in this place, I’m coming home again. I’m welcomed home again. For your arms are open wide, grace takes me back again. You always take me back!

In your arms is the safest place to be, Oh Lord how I love you with all that I am.