Bethan, 21.

Love Never Fails

My main purpose in life is to proclaim the word of God and this is one way in which I intend to do so.

I can’t get enough. Lord more of you and less of me.

Was lush to see this little beauty today!

YES Mark Driscoll! Vital part of my dissertation, right there.

Going to tame my wild mane! Then off to Harvester and out for a few drinkey poo’s with my new house mates, exciting stuff!

Crying so much over one born every minute,  I really felt for that woman who didn’t have any relatives with her at the birth of her son and then one week later she introduced him to her mum, it was so lovely!

Had my hair done! don’t have a photo of what it looked like before, as my appointment was super early this morning. I haven’t been straightening it, just leaving it wet and scrunching it with moose as I prefer my hair curly and because of this, my hairdresser said it was in really good condition so I didn’t need it cut, just needed my roots done. I think my hair has grown! :)

Spent all afternoon watching telly and knitting with Nan as we are making a blanket big enough to go on my double bed at Uni. I had to say goodbye to her today as I’m going back to cheltz tomorrow at 10am, was sad saying goodbye. This Christmas break has flown bye, it has been so good despite the fact I had two essays to do.

Now back to the wonderful Cheltenham looking forward to seeing the girls <3

Now to pack!

This song makes me want to booogie!

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I have decided to set myself monthly challenges instead of doing New Years resolutions

By the end of January I will:

- Get EDS301 4,000 essay done

-Finish placement after essay is finished

- Get 2 chapters of dissertation done

-Write to Nan at least once a week- if not ring her.



this is Bethan by the way. We have been friends for eight years.

BBFL innit blud. Smells sugary honey, ooophy, spikes, milkshake. I love this girl <3

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I am going to be a teacher!!